The Accordion Connection

Simone says there's a popular indie rock band called the "Accordion Connection, you know, that one with all the guys on stage at once, and one of them has a drum? You know who I mean". Anyway, this is an unrelated blog of bitchin' YouTube videos.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday: No Guilt, Some Pleasure(s)

It has come to my attention that I have not done much for this blog in a while. Part of this is because I keep forgetting the password (it's something Paris Hilton once whispered to me across the crowded, sweaty dance floor at Bungalow 8, one torrid summer, many years ago)and also there is some other bunch of reasons that I am forgetting now. But anyway, onward: there is a bunch of business to attend to!

1. It has come to my attention that somebody at Pitchfork has apparently read this blog and decided to rip off our idea for their new "100 Most Daring-Yet-Comfortably-Middle-of-the-Road-Post-Collegiate Videos" video blog-style feature. Why can't you admit you got the idea here, guys? Not comfortable with letting the rest of the world know how much you enjoy Strawberry Switchblade and Prince? Is that what this is about? Anyway, go check that feature out if you're interested in seeing how someone could describe that Electric Six video where the moose's nards light up and make it sound not that funny (note: it IS funny).

2. This is also an important order of business: have you heard that Nelly Furtado song? Oh man, it's so fucking good! It is the ultimate dance summer jam, for reals--this song plus three wine coolers is how all high school juniors are losing their virginity this summer. And you know, I respect Nelly Furtado, because she produces her own beats and writes her own songs and even though they're not usually that good, I think that counts for something in this crazy world. Also, her name comes before Timbaland's, and that is prooooooooooooooooooooogress, people. But, no matter how much I love this song, I have to urge you to NOT watch the video. Like, it is mad retarded. I can't tell if they were caught off guard by the success of this song and had only made a shitty video for like nine dollars, or if they knew this song was going to be huge no matter what, so they just made a shitty video for like nine dollars, but seriously, whatever you do, don't watch it. It's nonsense! Though Timbaland is weirdly attractive to me. Whatever.

3. What says "Summertime" better than the Afghan Whigs? Almost anything, but I just found these videos, so you are going to watch them. I got the Afghan Whigs record "Gentlemen" when I was 12, and it really made me a woman, really. And it gave me a huge crush on lead singer Greg Dulli, even though he is not conventionally "pleasing to the eye", as it were. If you ever really want to understand why women love jerks, you should probably just listen to "Gentlemen". Or, if that doesn't work, listen to "Gentlemen" with me and then be like "You think that's sexy???!!!". Two years ago, I saw his new band at Irving Plaza and he had me come up and hold his beer while he walked around in the audience and, I kid you not, I nearly swooned.

Now, with their amazing live cover of "My World is Empty" by the Supremes:

Watch them smoke those cigarettes. What showmen! I may be becomng a woman all over again, right now.

I tried to find this video for years on Limewire and stuff, and I never did. It's not actually that great a video, but I put in so much effort, you know? It's for the song "Honky's Ladder", and it was a Buzz Clip!:

I'm not sure what really brought on this mid-90s nostalgia parade. I think maybe it's because I saw my dad on Sunday, and he was like "Oh, I read some piece in [some magazine I have forgotten the name of] about how ironic it was that all these young people got tattoos to be different, but now that everyone has them, it's not a very different thing to do anymore". I was like "They are writing articles about that now? Isn't that just something everyone's dad has been saying since, like, 1994?". And suddenly, magically, as if transported in a magic car made of Silverchair and Sponge CDs that ran on bongwater and was chauffered by Kennedy, I was magically transported back into the 90s. This post wasn't really about videos that much, was it? It must be reaction to those Pitchfork dudes jacking my style.

Hot as Balls

As a native San Franciscan, I can honestly say that I have never experienced a hot summer, until now. Seriously, people, it gets to be, like, 90 degrees in SF and people freak the fuck out. The heat wave lasts a grand total of 3 days, and on the fourth day the fog rolls in over Twin Peaks and all is well again.

What does this all have to do with Mariah Carey? I'm not really sure. Regardless, here's the video for "Fantasy," which is off her 1995 album, "Daydream."

Okay, so I was going to try to write something about the ubiquitous "summer jam," and then talk about how this video is very much a summer jam in video form. I really, really like that she's singing on a rollercoaster in this video. I guess I just really like old wooden roller coasters. In fact, I wish I was on one right now, sitting next to Mariah in my cut off shorts and rollerblades, singing the chorus from "genius of love" with the wind in my hair or whatever.

Anyway. So, the first album I ever bought was "Music Box" by Mariah. (Yes, we're now on a first name basis). I got it at Tower Records in Stonestown, which is this mall in San Francisco which was like right next to my highschool, I got my mom to buy it for me as well as the jurassic park soundtrack on tape. I was 10 and I thought Mariah Carey was the most beautiful woman in the world. Problem is, BITCH WENT FUCKING NUTS. She got, like, a boob job and started wearing all these clothes that just look like they're about to pop off of her, like I feel embarrassed for her and the outfit she's wearing in this video:

That was "Heartbreaker" featuring Mr. Jay-Z. Doesn't it just seem like the straps on that top are gonna break and you're gonna get hit in the eye with one of her ginormous boobs? And god, remember when cutting the waistband off your pants was trendy? soooo trashy! Anyway, suffice to say, I love this video, because there's spoken parts, and the whole good mariah vs. evil mariah fight in the bathroom is pretty awesome. Hooray for summer, and it's jams!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Yuppie Whine of David Byrne

I can't remember exactly who it was in Please Kill Me: An Oral History of Punk Rock that complained about David Byrne's voice so eloquently, but when I first read that book a few years ago, it definitely affected my opinion of The Talking Heads. Ohmigod, I thought, Legs McNeil (or whoever) thinks The Talking heads suck! I guess that means I should think they suck too! This is the kind of thinking that brought Hitler to power, people. Anyway. It was relatively recently, during one of those periods where it just seems like there's just nothing left to listen to in your music collection, you know what I mean?, that I revisited "Stop Making Sense," the only Talking Heads album I owned in high school. And I realized I still kinda liked it. And by kinda I mean really. Does this mean I've lost my edge? No, it just means I'm a middle class artsy jerk who went to middle class artsy jerk school, just like the Talking Heads, who went to RISD in the early 70s. So anyway, here's David Byrne interviewing David Byrne about David Byrne and "Stop Making Sense":

That interview was originally used as promotional material for the film, which came out in 1984. I recently told Gaby that I harbored a small crush on David Byrne in high school, and quoth she: "You would take his pants off, and there'd be, like, a keyboard in there." Surely truer words have never been spoken. Regardless, here he is singing that love song to that lamp:

I am not a fan of love songs, in the traditional sense, but I DARE you to not like "This must be the place (naive melody)." In fact, I am so sure of this song's amazing revitalizing effects, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU NOT TO LIKE IT! That's right, because if you don't like it, basically you have no soul.

Anyway. Ahem. Back to the program. You know, David Byrne gets all the attention. But there were other people in the band, like, duh. In 1981, bassist Tina Weymouth and Drummer Christ Franz scored a top 40 hit with their side project, Tom Tom Club, and the song "Genius of Love."

"Genius of love" has done a rare thing- it has achieved immortality, as it will live on forever in various Mariah Carey remixes throughout the ages.

Monday, June 05, 2006

It's Monday! You Know What That Means!

That's right, it means there's videos I want to post, but I'm too damn lazy to actually come up with any of my signature charmingly witty commentary.

Case in point:

Dancing! Skeletons! I remember seeing this on TV as a kid, and it totally creeped me out. Something about that owl...

And here's Strawberry Switchblade singing "Since Yesterday":

All I can tell you is that the small "S" in the top right corner of the screen is the logo for "Space Shower TV," which is basically Japanese MTV, but better. When I was in Japan, and my host sister was taking exams this one week, I swear to god that all I did was watch Space Shower TV and eat Aloe Vera flavored yogurt. Which is delicious. Anyway, I like the use of color in this video.

And, finally, here's Tom Waits being really, really funny on Letterman at some point in the past couple years:

Someday, I will drive up to Sebastapol with Mary, and we will kidnap Tom Waits and make him our own. It will be fantastic.