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Monday, August 28, 2006

Accordion Connection: Back in Action!

Okay, so anyway, the internet is back, or kind of back for now or whatever. It's a fickle mistress, so I feel my time would be better spent weighing in on other topics. For instance, in our time away, a prominent YouTube debate has developed in the mainstream media! The New York Times gives a shit and everything! And the scandale is: apparently some sexy teenage Satanist-next-door has taken YouTube by storm! Her name is Lonelygirl15 and I think she is pretty boring and also really obviously about 26, and also I don't approve of that kind of over-reliance on strappy tank tops. And, generally, I like to see a better-developed representation of teen satanists in my digi-media. But anyway, special guest-blogger (and houseguest) Maryaol Strope has a much more nuanced take on all of this than me. And...go!:
Hey! So, I know I saw this girl mentioned on Gawker or something, but it was one of those things where you kind of glance over something on the internet, and then it comes up in real life and you realize it's kind of a big deal only you don't know that because the only publications you read are In Touch.
The point is, this girl is probably like 22 and goes to NYU and this is, like, a video project for a class and now she's going to end up getting an endorsment contract or book deal or something, and the ultimate explanation is going to be as boring as her retarded pez videos. I mean, I can't believe this is in the New York Times! There's nothing remotely interesting about it, and if she was fat or something nobody would care. There's probably just some thirty-five year old writer for Salon slobbering over her perfectly arched, allegedly 16-year-old eyebrows and Old Navy pajama pants and turning this into a pseudo big deal.
Haven't we learned a lesson from Snakes On A Plane? The lesson being, internet sensations are kind of funny and quirky at first when you think you and only 2,000 other people are in on it, and then it just gets tedious and embarassing and USA Today is all hyping it up and then you try to distance yourself from the fact that you ever thought they had any potential. So let us distance ourselves from lonelygurl69 now! And watch this glorious Cher clip instead. Because Cher is concerned about the peoples of the world.


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