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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reading Between Stevie's "Lines"

It is perhaps not very well known that Gaby and myself have something of a fondness for Stevie Nicks, in all her coked-out, flowy dress-wearing, twirling, throaty-voiced glory. Or maybe it is, I dunno how many people we talk to about Stevie Nicks, other than each other and Mary. The point is, we have a framed copy of "Rumors" hanging in our bathroom.

And some of the stuff from Stevie's solo career is fucking awesome. (duh). Let us begin with "Edge of Seventeen," which I personally think is one of the best song titles EVER. This song was one of the hits off "Bella Donna," which was a number 1 album in 1981 and has subsequently gone platinum like 5 times or something. Also, this video is of poor quality, but it begins with a monologue, which is always a fun time:

Now some of you youngsters will hear that guitar riff and think, "holy shit, is that bootylicious?" And the thing is, you're right. And the fabulous thing is, Stevie Nicks herself appears in the video for bootylicious. She's the one in the purple pants with the guitar:

But recently my favorite song to listen to in order to wake up in the morning is "Stand Back," which is off Stevie's 1983 album, "Wild Heart." Apparently, Stevie came up with the idea for "Stand Back" while listening to "Little Red Corvette." So you know what that means: Hella synth. It's a little known fact that Prince himself played the synths on the studio version of this song! Anyway, here's Stevie giving an incredible live performance on Saturday Night Live in 1983.

This kind of video always makes me want to play one of my all-time favorite parlour games, entitled "How Much Coke Do You Think He/She/They Were On?" I'd wager an eightball, blown up the ass.

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