The Accordion Connection

Simone says there's a popular indie rock band called the "Accordion Connection, you know, that one with all the guys on stage at once, and one of them has a drum? You know who I mean". Anyway, this is an unrelated blog of bitchin' YouTube videos.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Am Too Lazy to Get Out of Bed to Turn Up the Heat, Even

I thought that, in my week off, I would write a novel and go to every museum ever and also maybe finally figure out what a "credit score" is. The reality of it has been, I barely have the energy to eat yogurt in bed while watching straight-to-video horror movies featuring Patricia Clarkson. It's a tough life, I know. Watch these Rasputina videos and shut up, then. God, can you imagine if we still ran around wearing corsets? I would be so tired after getting dressed I would immediately have to go back to bed.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Xmas, M-F'ers

You know, Pee Wee used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid, but now I realize that it's pretty much totally amazing that it ever was allowed on the air. I mean, can you imagine this on network tv today?

ho ho ho!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Look, Prince, we only want to see you in the purple rain. That's all we ask for!

I had to put this up because, well, it's important we all watch videos of Prince before he forces the internet gods to take them down.

purple rain

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That's right, Prince! Make them cry, in all their asymmetical-haircut glory! Cry, plebians, cry at the mastery of Prince, your guitar god from the 23rd century! It's a purple revolution, people! Bow at his tiny, cuban-heeled feet! Mwahhahahaaaaaahaaaa!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

All's Fair in Love and Robot War

While assembling furniture from Ikea this weekend, (which, by the way, I am now an expert at, my dears) I ended up watching god knows how many episodes of the BBC series "Spaced" because I originally tried listening to the radio but everything is christmas music, christmas music, christmas music these days! goddamnit!!!! auurruuuuuugghhhhh!!!

...Anyway, Spaced is this comedy about two people who meet randomly in a coffee shop and are both looking for a place to live. They decide to pretend to be a "professional couple" in order to meet the requirements of a flat they want to rent. It ran on the BBC for two seasons in 1999 and 2001. Anyway, it's pretty funny. Oh, and they guy in it, Tim, is Simon Pegg, you know, the guy who did Shaun of the Dead. Anyway, he and Jessica Hynes (who plays Daisy) created and wrote the series. They won awards for it, blah di blah.

The point is, I thought the series was funny, but not brilliant, until I saw this episode. It's the third episode of the second season, and Daisy's storyline is just... it's perfect. She's turned down for, I guess, the British version of welfare, and has to sign up at a temp agency to find a job... I feel like on British tv there are often storylines about what creative people do to get by in a cruel world that doesn't appreciate creativity... anyway, I really empathize with her plight on this epidsode.

Also, there are robot wars! enjoy!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Everyone knows that this

sounds like this

but have you ever thought that this

sounds a bit like this?

I mean, after the synths really kick in.

Even though the Basement Jaxx song actually samples this song

Of course, they speed it up and such. I had some other comparison prepared that had something to do with the Beatles, but then it turns out that I don't care about the Beatles, but might have a developing interest in Gary Numan! It's important to constantly be discovering new things about life.

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Lady Rappers: The First in a New Series!

Today's episode: up and coming lady rappers!

Kid Sister's Pro Nails:


Riskay's Smell Yo Dick:

So who wins? Well, Kid Sister does have a good dance beat and it's kind of fun, and kind of reminds me of Neneh Cherry. But I bet it's being played in American Apparel, like, right this very second. Whereas, I don't think Riskay runs the risk (ha!) of being co-opted in such a way--oddly enough, not because of her subject matter, but because it's a BALLAD about smelling some dude's dick. Also, its a song about smelling some dude's dick. Riskay wins!

But then again, why don't we just cut out the middle man and listen to Neneh Cherry?:

Whose brother is late-9os guilty pleasure Eagle Eye Cherry:

Online Videos by

That last association wasn't going anywhere, I was just looking for a reason to put up that up because, you know, it's from the 90s. I've had a hard day, okay, people?Some dude rubbed his boner on me on the subway but I didn't say anything because it was rush hour and I kept hoping it was an umbrella. I'm stressed out, and I get to post Eagle Eye Cherry videos if I want to. Also:

You gotta let em know...they can't rub their boner on you during rush hour! Next time I won't give you the benefit of the doubt, fucker!
Related: my mom loves that song. As well as this related hot female empowerment jam:

My mom loves Xtina. She's really happy that she's finally settled in her life.

Ah, now I feel better. I hope everyone feels more empowered!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Combatting Seasonal Affective Disorder the Only Way We Know How

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

um, yeah. wowee wow.