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Simone says there's a popular indie rock band called the "Accordion Connection, you know, that one with all the guys on stage at once, and one of them has a drum? You know who I mean". Anyway, this is an unrelated blog of bitchin' YouTube videos.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Cat Video Ever

Whenever I'm feeling down, like, say, when I'm consistently rejected from various studio space artist grant thingies, nothing cheers me up better than a good, old-fashioned cat video on youtube. This is probably my favorite. Guaranteed to make you laugh!

In other news, Fuck You, every artist grant/studio space/residency program thingy I've ever applied to! I hate you all!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yesterday, the US government bailed out American International Group Inc, an insurance company, for 85 Billion Dollars. Because the government has nothing better to do with our tax money than spend it fighting endless wars and handing out welfare to big name companies. Magically, giant companies like this are helped out when their finances go bad. Individual people, poor people, poor families, independent businesses: I guess they can go fuck themselves. Somehow, our government is able to save this giant corporation but was not able to act in any sort of divisive way during and after hurricane Katrina. There is no money in the government for education (unless it's to make sure poor children are consistently left behind), or for the arts, or for science, but boy howdy does the uncle same have some bank FOR YOU if you've been paying your CEOs zillions of dollars a year to go play golf or whatever.

Which brings me to my point. Bitch magazine is going to go under unless we, the people, band together and bail them out. And all they need is $40,000! Easy as pie, right? I mean, they government isn't going to help them. Gone are the days when there were government grants to do anything remotely artistic, or intellectual. And we all know the government also hates feminists. (See: Palin, Sarah, and her nomination for VP). No, all us small folk need to donate our hard earned money to save the best and ONLY feminist pop culture criticism magazine on the market. It's been around for nearly 13 years and it's been a struggle since the beginning. Both of my roomates have written articles for Bitch, where else is someone gonna publish a feminist critique of 2nd life or Mean Girls? Bitch is one of the few venues for feminist writing that is not academic, and getting it in my mailbox four times a year is a joy! Don't let them take it away! Here's a video Andi and Debi made asking for help:

Watch it and give what you can here.

Go to Mary's blog to read her possibly more coherent post about this topic.


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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dear Miley Cyrus,

Okay, so, I guess your album (uh, do you have more than one? Like, is that one with you singing into possibly the most phallic golden hitachi-magic-wand-esque microphone ever new?), which I have never listened to, is like the ultimate in postmodernist pop extremism. I say this based on the two songs I've heard of yours, the first one being that one "see you again" or whatever it was called that was basically a gay dance anthem, the second being "7 Things," which is like power punk? pop punk? whatever. I'm assuming that each song on your album is a different genre of music, like, the next single you put out will be an adult contemporary ballad (a-la Leona Lewis's "bleeding love") and then you'll have a song that's a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll (shout out to daddy!) and then maybe the next single will break out some hot latin dancehall. WHATEVER.

The point is, I appreciate that you have adolescent girls in your video for "7 things." Adolescent girls are rarely represented as anything other than boy-obsessed bitchy mean shopaholics in the media (hello, my super sweet sixteen, queen bees, gossip girl) and I guess having a semi-diverse cast of girls jumping around and hugging their stuffed animals is better than having them bouncing around in bikinis on the hood of your low rider. I mean, girls do get sad and cry to their stuffed animals about boys (or girls), and they do like to scream and jump around and stuff. But I will stop way short of saying that this video is empowering for girls. Because the girls in the video are jummping around and whatever but they're not playing the music themselves. They're playing air guitar and acting out the motions of rocking out but your band is made entirely of men who look at least 10-15 years older than you. And for some reason this is making me deeply sad. I mean, the Jonas Brothers get to hold guitars. But I have yet to see any of these disney girl stars lay their hands on any gear other than a microphone. Maybe you should listen to this song, Miley, and think about that:

FYI, that was The Perfectionists performing their song "Rock N Roll Girl" at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls second session showcase concert. Pretty fabulous, huh? And they did that in a week without help from their famous daddies.
XOXO Simone

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