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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Touch Me, Be My Paramour

After reading Simone's excellent post about Justin Bieber, I felt inspired to write a post of my own in the same vein (barely legal teen boyz), in order to steal her thunder. Anyway, I have been planning on writing this post about Brett Smiley forever but was too lazy! Gerard first showed me this Brett video over a year ago, and it truly has everything! It is definitely similar to other 1970's interviews with weirdo rock stars (Iggy Pop and Bowie on the Dinah Shore show, that Sex Pistols interview even though they're not that weird) in that the stuffy interviewer is totally horrified by the person in front of them.

Who is that person? Why, Brett Smiley, the much hyped/ miserably failed teen glam rock star, led by Malcolm MClaren-esque impresario Andrew Loog Oldham. Brett Smiley's image was feyer than fey, though I think in reality he was just a theater kid who did a lot of blow. Unfortunately, I had never heard of Brett Smiley as a teen (his album never even came out, and was only re-realeased on CD after I graduated high school) but I would have been really into him, let me tell you. I am still pretty into him, though more in the amazing photos above than in the clip. As pointed out in Simone's post, there is a reason there are usually few beefy and bearded heartthrobs: many ladies, especially young ladies, like dudes who look like girls.

Though Space Ace, the single on this video, isn't nearly as good as it is on the album, it is an awesome and hella catchy song, with the sweeping, dramatic glam quality that would have blown my mind in high school. Lyrics like There comes a time in every space boy's life/He gets involved in a chariot race just don't measure up to music nowadays.

These posts also made me think of how it was all well and good to be into fey, nubile teen boys when I was a teenager, but now I'm 26 so I guess that means I'm a just a lech?

Guest Post Writer Mary

PS: Rereading this post's first paragraph and thought, "Wow, I am so funny!" and then I realized Gaby had actually written it.

PPS: What does Brett Smiley look like now? You don't want to know!

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At 7:15 AM, December 18, 2009, Blogger Gerard said...

He actually doesn't look that bad these days...could be worse. Look at someone like Gary Shandling now. Ah!!

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